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How to Exercise During Pregnancy: Connect with Your Breath and Your Baby.

D uring pregnancy, many moms forget to move. Especially during discomforts of the first trimester, fatigue and nausea may lead some moms to limit their exercise routine.This is counterproductive, as movement often improves aches and pains common to pregnancy and uplifts one’s mood. Exercise is essential for a healthy pregnancy. If a mom wasn’t exercising before […]

Postpartum Nutrition: Coco-Curry Salmon Soup

O ptimum postpartum nutrition should include essential healthy fats from foods like salmon and coconuts. After pregnancy and throughout the breastfeeding time, those healthy fats help restore our own nutritional reserves (good for postpartum depression prevention and treatment too) and continue to help our growing baby with their important brain development. This recipe uses both […]

Ritual for Clearing the Heart / Letting Go of Fear / Opening to Love

As we journey the huge transition of becoming mothers, it’s helpful to use practices that help you honor and acknowledge all the change you’re going through. Here Kate Short Lindsay shares how she creates a personal ritual; This is a powerful New Moon ritual that I created, after receiving a dream that told me in […]

Breastfeeding and Herbal Safety Tips

M any women are concerned, and rightly so, about what gets passed on to their babies through their breast milk. Considering that we are exposed to thousands of chemicals now (even rocket fuel is being detected in breast milk!), things are rather complicated when it comes to discerning what’s best for the health of our […]

Nettle Tea for Postpartum Fatigue & Anxiety

N ettles are a great restorative and soothing medicinal used to help with the deep fatigue and some of the anxiety that many women feel in the postpartum time and early years of motherhood.

6 Vitamins & Herbs for Postpartum Exhaustion

N ew moms have specific health needs in the months after having a baby, and in the first two years following childbirth. The main thing I hear is the word “exhaustion.” During this time, there are huge demands on your body, including breastfeeding, replenishing the lost nutrient reserves and blood from pregnancy and labor, going […]

3 Steps to Being a New Mom & Still Having a Creative Dream

W e mother’s often struggle with feeling selfish when we do something for ourselves instead of our children. Although most of the time we love our children and being a mother, it’s easy to feel guilty or conflicted about putting energy into our other interests, in particular our creative passions.

Fish Oils for Postpartum Depression Treatment

F ish oil’s are an important natural treatment for general depression and can be very helpful in a natural postpartum depression treatment plan. There are some details, however, that can make a difference in what kind of effect you get from using fish oils for effective postpartum depression treatment strategy.

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New Mother Fatigue & Stress

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